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Evachill Ev-500 Personal Air Conditioner

The ev-500 Personal air conditioner is exceptional for use in your home, this air conditioning system is built into the wall or countertop, and features a cool, quiet atmosphere. The ev-500 is able to air-condition and cool your home, and it effortless to use.

Evachill Ev-500 Personal Air Conditioner Walmart

The ev-500 is a high-quality Personal air conditioner that features an evaporative cooler and humidifier, it can keep your home cool and comfortable, while the ocean blue color makes it top for your ocean-based home. This air conditioner is a replacement cartridge for your air conditioner, it is compatible with both devices and needs no cleaning. This air conditioner offers a superior performance, with less noise and better customer service, the ev-500 is a top-of-the-line Personal air conditioner that features blue-evachill technology. This equipment is sure to keep your home cool and heater on all season long, the ev-500 Personal air cooler is a splendid alternative to keep your air-conditioning system running close to the ground. It features a filters and funnels design for facile installation, the filter can be easily replaced with an equivalent size and the funnels help to keep the air-conditioning system working close to the ground. The ev-500 is conjointly reversible so you can choose your climate between cold and warm.